Close your eyes. Imagine a circle of energy around your body. This is your prana, your life-force. Connect with it. Try to see your prana in your mind's eye. Use your imagination. You can see it in any color that you wish. Sometimes the right color may present itself to you.

Now play with your prana. Firstly, imagine your circle of energy expanding outward. Do this slowly and see how large you can make the circle while staying connected to it. When you've made it as big as you can without effort without really trying, hold the image of that size of prana around you. Hold this for a few seconds.

Secondly, allow your prana to become compact, pulling it in around you. You will feel self-contained, perhaps a little warm as your prana recedes into you and is held in a very small circle around you. When you've made it as small as you can without effort without really trying, hold that for a few seconds.

Now allow your prana to expand naturally until it is neither big nor small. Feel the point where it comes into balance. Sometimes its color changes at this point. It just feels right. You feel right. Hold this for one minute. 

Slowly open your eyes. Throughout the day notice your prana as an invisible life-force surrounding you. Adjust its size until it is in balance. With practice you will find yourself in balance.

 Abhay Ghiara is a teacher, writer, and Gandhian economist. He studied economics and yoga at Bombay University, graduating exactly 100 years after Mahatma Gandhi. He has practiced yoga all his life. He is a Fulbright scholar to India.

Abhay lectures on yoga and life in San Francisco, London, Bristol, Chicago, and Mumbai, India. photo: Maritstar

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