unearthing the inner yogi 

Gandhiji did not follow the written word. He preferred personal experience to authoritative dogma. His autobiography is entitled, My Experiments With Truth, and he was constantly experimenting to discover truths.

As Gandhiji started experimenting with natural medicines at Tolstoy Farm, he asked everyone he met for information on the use of natural approaches to healing. He was not interested in what someone had learned from a book but the smallest personal experience with healing was of great interest to him.

Over the rest of his life, bit by bit, through personal experiences and experiments, Gandhiji developed a system of natural healing.

Today his system teaches us not so much what but how.

 Abhay Ghiara is a teacher, writer, and Gandhian economist. He studied economics and yoga at Bombay University, graduating exactly 100 years after Mahatma Gandhi. He has practiced yoga all his life.

Abhay lectures on yoga and life in San Francisco, London, Bristol, Chicago, and Mumbai, India. photo: Maritstar

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