waken the serpent

unearthing the inner yogi 

One of the primary goals of Yoga is to waken the sleeping serpent that the Ancients called Kundalini and imagined as a tightly coiled queen cobra. This slumbering queen was said to reside at the very base of the spine in the region of the anus. The rhythmic contraction and relaxation of the area known as the mooladhara or root chakra results in the gradual awakening of this mighty power. A warmth moves up the spine, a tingling perhaps, indicating the release of this energy. Our yoga practice then harnesses this energy, moving it upwards.

Through our yoga practice we then learn to stimulate, harness, and finally modulate this fine feminine energy that can move worlds. Some choose to experience this energy through intimate bonding with a lover. Others like Mahatma Gandhi direct this energy towards the creation of a just world and moving people to own their lives and destinies. Whether experienced as orgasm or emancipation the power of the release is real, powerful, and earth-shattering.

 Abhay Ghiara is a teacher, writer, and Gandhian economist. He studied economics and yoga at Bombay University, graduating exactly 100 years after Mahatma Gandhi. He has practiced yoga all his life. Abhay lectures on yoga and life in San Francisco, London, Bristol, Chicago, and Mumbai, India.

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