unearthing the inner yogi 

An old yogi was once asked for guidance by a young student who wanted to progress rapidly in his yoga practice. Meditate, was the answer. The student was baffled. He expected to be told that the way to progress would be an even more lengthy and strenuous yoga practice. Meditation was about not doing very much, in fact doing nothing at all! How could this help?

The old yogi replied, you are already doing too much. You are doing, doing, doing all the time. There is no chance for your body to absorb anything of value. So still your mind, meditate, and yoga will come to you like a lovely dream as you sleep. The student followed the old yogi's guidance. He sat in a comfortable cross-legged position with his spine erect each day for 20 minutes focusing on his breath, letting go of what the zen masters call monkey mind.

And yoga did come to the young student as in a dream. The old yogi was right, there was very little effort involved. I know this story to be true because the old yogi was my teacher. And the young student? Ah, him I have known all my life.

Peace and Love,


 Abhay Ghiara is a life-long yoga practitioner who studied yoga and yoga philosophy at the Aurobindo Ashram and Bombay University. He now lives in Berkeley, California and teaches yoga to a wide range of students. 

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