getting to know your tree

unearthing the inner yogi 

A student once asked a yogini (female yoga teacher) how she could improve her balance poses particularly Vrksasana or Tree Pose. I keep falling over, she said. The yogini asked, when you are in Vrksasana, what kind of tree are you? What are your branches like, your leaves? Do you provide shade for a weary pilgrim or a cow? How exactly do you sway when the monsoon winds pregnant with water droplets appear from the south? Get to know your tree and over time its roots will take hold.

Get to know your yogasanas (yoga postures) with acceptance, understanding, and humor. Your breath and your imagination are your allies in this endeavor. There is no way to fail in yoga. Remember this!

Peace and Love,


 Abhay Ghiara is a life-long yoga practitioner who studied yoga and yoga philosophy at the Aurobindo Ashram and Bombay University. He now lives in Berkeley, California and teaches yoga to a wide range of students. 

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