Our sense of connection to the land has been eroding. With it has emerged the difficulty of connecting with others.

What is important to remember about connecting is this: You must first of all develop a deep and lasting connection with your self. If you can not love your self, pamper your self, nourish your self, how can you connect with another?

Connection is all about the flow of energy. Allow your yoga practice to reinvigorate the flow of energy in your body. However, the practice of yoga is not just the performing of some postures. Yoga can be and should be sitting in the sun, caressing a flower, playing with your pet or children, laughing!

 Abhay Ghiara is a teacher, writer, and Gandhian economist. He studied economics and yoga at Bombay University, graduating exactly 100 years after Mahatma Gandhi. He has practiced yoga all his life.

Abhay lectures on yoga and life in San Francisco, London, Bristol, Chicago, and Mumbai, India. photo: Maritstar

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